Professional AC Replacement Services in Middle, TN and Surrounding Areas

If proper routine maintenance is performed, you can get up to a decade of use out of your AC unit. If you live in the same home for a long time, you could go through multiple AC units at that residence. If your unit is on its last leg, it would be a good idea to start looking into current options for a replacement.

Unfortunately, air conditioners tend to malfunction right at the peak of the summer season. When there is a surprise breakdown, many people rush into a replacement choice as they want their comfort back as soon as possible. It is wise to have your AC unit serviced by an experienced professional before summer begins. They will even have an assessment on your home to find out which unit is most compatible with it.

If your air conditioner is broken and can’t be fixed, a professional can help get it back up as soon as possible. Information about alternative solutions awaits below.

AC Repair vs AC Replacement

If your unit has a problem and it is nowhere near to being used for 10 years, then it is understandable that you don’t want it to be replaced yet. A repair may be a less costly short term fix, however, it could ultimately end up costing you more overall. If you want to be sure of when to just have it repaired or when it needs to be replaced already then you can see the suggestions below.

Unit is nearing the ten-year mark

If the air conditioning unit that you are using is already ten years old it may be high time that you start your search for its replacement. Despite what people may think if you do the mathematics, calculations, and numbers, it is actually in many cases more economical to buy replacement air conditions. This is opposed to constantly having to fix a unit that is already old and worn out.

The unit sustained minor damage to an internal part

You may get lucky and find that you simply need to replace a faulty part and not the entire unit. Depending on the broken part and how old your air conditioning unit is, you can have it repaired at a modest price and be able to get more years of use out of your air conditioner before it needs to be replaced.

Unit is leaking refrigerant

Air conditioning and cooling equipment units are very expensive to replace. This is why you should look out for warning signs and try preventing any problems. If you spot any signs of leakage at all, this is when you need to take action. Do not leave this, as it will only end up getting worse. When this is the problem, having it fixed can be more expensive than having the whole AC unit replaced.

Unit needs a new compressor

When it is the compressor that needs to be replaced in an AC unit, this is considered a major repair. If your unit nears its expiration date, it’s less expensive in the longer period to buy a new one than to wait for the old one to stop working.

Recently added more space to your home

If you had an extension to your home then you need to get an upgrade on your unit. More space to cool can add stress to a small unit, so it’s essential to have a unit that matches the requirements of your home and its space. You can get professional help with measuring your home and estimating which option would suit your home’s measurements the best.

Unit not cooling the house to your preferences

While your first impulse may be to blame your indoor temperature issues on the unit itself, the problem could be with the ductwork, insulation, or vents. It is important to have a professional confirm the reason for the issue before replacing your unit.

What types of AC units are available today?

You may think that having an AC unit is just a minor decision but it is bigger than you think. With updates in innovation happening constantly, there is no doubt that there is a larger number of choices available now than the last time you selected an AC unit. An AC professional can guide you in choosing the best option for your home.

The most common air conditioning systems are what is called a split system, with the condenser unit outside the house and the evaporator unit inside. Such types of units are usually chosen by homes with existing ductwork, and energy-efficient models are already common across the industry. The heat pumps are popularly used in towns with milder climates.

Homes without ductwork can get a ductless mini-split system that uses wall-mounted blowers in the individual rooms. These systems can help diminish costs if certain rooms needn’t waste time with cool air. If they’re used to cool the entire home, however, they can cost more than an HVAC unit.