Indoor Air Quality Services in Nashville, TN and Surrounding Areas

Filter being changed

When it comes to the climate inside a home, most people focus on improving the efficiency of their air conditioning and heating system. Even though these systems are essential, they are not the only factors that must be considered when working to improve the home’s indoor climate.

Another important factor is the indoor air quality of the space. Professional heating and cooling technicians are experienced in installing and maintaining residential HVAC systems. They are also able to let homeowners know if the air quality in their homes could be improved.

The Potential Dangers Posed by Subpar Indoor Air Quality

Along with improving a home’s indoor air quality, when professional IAQ services are hired, the technicians will also explain some of the dangers posed by low air quality in a home.

Since early in the 1970s, homes have been designed with tighter envelopes. The goal was to help conserve energy by ensuring cold air remained outside during the winter and that hot air stayed out during the summer. While this helps to preserve energy and lower bills, it also causes “Tight Home Syndrome.” This occurs with homes that have a tight envelope and causes dirty and stale air to be locked inside the residence. This results in a higher level of indoor air pollution.

There is an array of factors that may impact the air quality in a home. According to information from the EPA, indoor irritants and allergens can play a huge role in causing asthma attacks and other health concerns. Also, the CPSC and American Lung Association have stated that indoor air pollution dangers are so high that they should not be ignored. The good news is, there are professional indoor air quality services in Nashville, TN, available.

Using Cleaning Systems to Improve Indoor Air Quality

If a homeowner wants to create a more comfortable and healthier area in their home, it is smart to improve indoor air quality. Most professional technicians provide an entire range of quality services based on a person’s lifestyle and preferences.

Indoor air quality experts can work to convert the cooling and heating system into a unit that will treat the home’s air. This helps to reduce the pollutants “floating around.” Most experts will recommend the installation of more advanced cleaning systems. An example of this would be a MicroPower Guard filter. These are designed to help remove even the smallest particles from the air. Usually, the filters available at any home goods store are not up to the challenge of removing the smallest particles present in the air.

Duct Cleaning Services and Solutions

It is recommended that homeowners invest in air duct cleaning and maintenance regularly. If the technician finds that the ducts are full of dirt, dust, mold, and an array of other contaminants, they can recommend professional duct cleaning. Not only will this help the air in the home smell better, but it can also make it healthier to breathe. If someone living in the house has allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, this is a service that can be invaluable in helping them breathe easier.

Air Purifiers and Filters

An air purification and filtration system can help remove the airborne contaminants present in the home’s air supply. They include simple yet effective mesh filters that will eliminate pollutants in the air. It is a good idea to talk to a professional technician to determine if this system would benefit a particular home.

Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

Both – the humidifier and dehumidifier – can be used to help maintain humidity levels in a home. They are going to add or remove moisture from the air. If the air is moist or dry, it is smart to consider installing one of these devices.

 Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators

To ensure that fresh air can get into a home, it is a good idea to invest in an energy and heat recovery ventilator. This is a device that will help to prevent the accumulation of all types of airborne contaminants. It offers many other worthwhile benefits too, which makes it more than worth the investment made.

If a homeowner is concerned with the air pollution in their home, they should call the professionals. With a professional’s help, it is possible to enjoy clean, contaminant-free air that will not aggravate allergies or other respiratory issues. Knowing about air quality services will help a homeowner know when it is time to call for assistance from the professionals. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved.