Professional Water Heater Services in Nashville, TN and Surrounding Areas

Households experiencing these sorts of complexities in the water heating system know about the inconvenience and discomfort they cause. There are a lot of appliances that are used daily in the home that need hot water to be used. Besides dragging many daily activities in the home to a halt, a broken water heater could also leak and cause damage to floors or any objects nearby.

It is only a skilled expert technician who can carry out an emergency water heater repair. If there is a leak in your water heater or it is malfunctioning, then you need to contact immediately a professional.

Common Problems With Water Heaters

A water heater should provide you with day-to-day reliable quantities of hot water. If you are noticing huge changes in the consistency of your water heater or it’s starting to malfunction, it’s important to call a technician as soon as possible. There are various issues a homeowner might experience with their water heater, including little or no hot water, cloudy or discolored water, water with an unpleasant smell, loud noises coming from the unit, and leaks.

No Hot Water

When there is no hot water this may have been caused by different issues. A lack of gas flow and a pilot light not igniting are probable causes in a gas unit that is unable to produce hot water. For a heater that runs on electricity one of the cause of it not being able to heat water is a breaker that has tripped. It is the professional that can make a proper diagnosis on this and make the necessary repairs on it.

Little Hot Water

If your home is constantly short on hot water, the water tank might be too small for your needs or it may be a sign of a faulty part. There are times when there is a need for the thermostat to be raised. A professional can easily diagnose what the problem is about and have it fixed in a jiffy.

Discolored Water

Water that is discolored can mean that some issues have come up. If the water looks rust-colored, that could signal corrosion on the anode rod. Getting the anode rod replaced should clear the issue up fairly quickly. If the corrosion is left alone, then it could lead to a potential leak and further damage down the line, which would need a replacement rather than a simple repair.

Dirty or discolored water that is not rust-colored could be caused by scale deposits on the heating elements or a build-up of minerals inside the unit itself. Having your water heater serviced regularly will prevent minerals from building up the heating elements and affecting the unit’s efficiency.

Smelly Water

Water that has a sulfuric smell can be a sign that bacteria are present in the water. If you smell sulfur in your water, you should get a new anode rod. By turning up the temperature of your unit to 140 degrees, you can destroy any lingering bacteria present in the tank.

Strange Noises

When there is an unusual sound that you start to hear from the water heater, this may be due to its heating elements. Mineral accumulations can decrease your water heater’s operating efficiency or even cause leaking.


When there is a leak from the unit this is often a bad sign. Loose pipes or a failed valve may be responsible for your water heater leaking from the top. If the water leak is from the bottom this may have been caused by loose drain valve, corrosion, or condensation. A tank that is cracked or corroded may require a total replacement.

Replacement and Installation

It is often simple and easy to fix the problems if a water heater is new. An older unit will start to have more problems because of old parts already. Water heaters 10 years of age or older may need to be replaced when they begin to have problems. The units which are now run more efficiently and will also lower your utility bills. They will not require that many repairs and a professional technician can give you an idea of whether or not your unit should be repaired or replaced depending on the issue.

When the time comes to replace an old water heater unit, the professional can guide you through all of the options you have to help you to pick the most suitable unit for your home. Choices for your home may be limited depending on energy sources, as certain houses are fitted only for gas or electric water heaters. Homeowners can also consider checking out new tankless units that are energy-efficient that can best meet their needs.